Aflac | Best Companies Feature
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Client: Aflac
Agency: Common Machine
Producer/Director: Brett O’Bourke
DP/Steadicam: Richard Patterson
Editor: Jorge Rubiera
Run Time: 3:52

Family. When we went for our meetings at Aflac to discuss the video submission for Fortune magazine's prestigious 100 Best Companies to Work For list, that's the word we kept hearing over and over. Family. 

So we created a short film that looks at the way Aflac helps create, develop, and nurture different kinds of families throughout the company, from the group of friends Rachel McCallister has assembled in nearly 30 years of working at Aflac; to Carmen Buckner's company softball team; to Miguel and Vivan Molina, who met on the job, got married, and now have a baby girl who spends her day at the Aflac-provided daycare center.  

There was a little bit if pressure as Aflac had made the list for quite a few years running. We wanted to be sure to help them make the grade again. Mission accomplished