Introducing Oak Street Bootmakers
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Client: Oak Street Bootmakers

Agency: Common Machine
Director: Brett O’Bourke
DP/Steadicam: Richard Patterson

Editor: Jorge Rubiera 

Music: “Birds Fly South” by Jeff Zentner
Run Time: 2:21
Views: 70K+

As its owner George Vlagos says at the beginning of the video, Oak Street Bootmakers makes high-end men's boots and shoes the old-fashion way: on a bench, by hand, in Maine.

We braved the icy cold of Maine in December (it rarely got above 10 degrees during our visit) to film the workshop and shoemaking process to create a short film focusing on the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and making shoes in the USA.

The video made its debut on the uber-influential men's fashion blog A Continuous Lean and has been featured on Hypebeast, Selectism, Secret Forts and more than 200 other Websites, initiating record-breaking traffic and sales for Oak Street. The video has tallied more than 70K views.